Levinsen A/S markets seeds for the production of quality plants for forestry, game coverts, ornamental, Christmas tree and greenery purposes. The company has its main market in northern Europe, but is active in most of the world.

The company specializes in the production of quality seeds. We attach great importance to the safety of origin, and thus the genetic footprint of the seed we market. Since autumn 2012, our Georgian Nordmannsgran now ISO certified.Production services include pretreatment / stratification, fungal treatment, and storage of seed, according to your wishes. We believe that a close dialogue with the customer about special cleaning and other requirements for the seed, creates the greatest possible satisfaction of every customer.

Counseling is also an important part of the company's everyday life. We can help with advice on species and proveniences taking into account, inter alia, soil conditions and local climate, as well as to the client's goals and expectations for sales.

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