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On this website we have made a lot of information available that current and future customers can benefit from.

Under Range you will find descriptions of the most important of our provenances and seed sources in softwood, hardwood and shrubseeds. Here you can search on a variety of seeds and include see where the seed comes from, what it is used for, as well as general descriptions of species appearance and properties.

Our full range of seeds found on our Price list. Here you can find the species and provenances we have in stock and what they cost. Have you purchased a product from us, no longer listed on the price list, call and have a chat, maybe we can order the item home if you are interested.

During About Levinsen you can read more about our products and skills, employees and our strategy for the company.

In the library we have collected information about various issues and topical news about the seed harvest, cultivation, etc. But there are also articles and other information that may be interesting reading for eg Christmas tree growers and other of our customers.

Under contact you can send us an email if you have questions, want to place an order or similar.

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